Change the distance or name?

Do you want to change the distance or name? You can do so until September 30 23h59 by emailing We would like to receive the following information from the substitute in case of a name change:

  • Reference number initial participant:
  • Name + first name:
  • Gender:
  • Date of birth:
  • Address:
  • City + postal code:
  • Phone number:
  • Emergency phone number:
  • E-mail address:

Afterwards, changes are only possible at the registration desk on Saturday 19 October and Sunday 20 October.

Distance change (on-site)

  1. First collect your bib number.
  2. Change your distance at the desk ‘change of name/distance’ and receive a new bib number.

Changing to a lower distance is free of charge. For a higher distance, the difference in price will be charged.

Name change (on-site)

  1. Collect the bib number using the confirmation email of the person from whom you are taking the starting number.
  2. Have your details changed at the stand ‘change of name/distance’ and receive a new race number.

Do not forget to bring your ID. For a name change there is a € 5 administration cost.